The size you need will depend on how you like to wear your hat: tight, loose, classic style or a halo style. On average, the woman’s head measures 57-58 cm, while that of the man measures an average of 58-59 cm. Therefore, following the classic style of wearing the hat, our hats fit you either your size is 57 cm or 58 cm.

How to measure it?

To know your size, we will give you 2 simple steps to measure it. You will need a cloth measuring tape and, if possible, the help of another person to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

  1. .Get your cloth measuring tape and place it around your head over your occipital bone (the furthest part on the back of your head).

2. Bring the measure around to the front of your head. About 5 mm above your ears and position it in the centre of your forehead, or just above the eyebrows.

3. Got it! You know how our hats will fit you.



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