Any place is perfect for the canotier hat. The streets of the old town, a date with a delicious brunch, the green countryside or a sunny day on the coast. The canotier hat is not only an accessory for your look, but also essential to protect you from the harmful sunbeams with a signature style.

The origin of this emblematic hat goes back to 1880, being an essential part of the Venetian gondoliers’ clothing. The fact that it is made out of natural plaited straw, with a straight wing, flat top hat and adorned with a band makes it a practical and elegant design. Without a doubt, this turned it into the most stylish and desired fashion accessory in France and America. However, it did not end there because soon the canotier hat had invaded hundreds of cities, without distinction of social classes.

The canotier hat was ready to conquer the world!

During the first period of the 20th century, women were using big and uncomfortable headdresses. But then, Coco Chanel -well known for being a great revolutionary of fashion- arrived with her good taste, elegance, and simplicity, turning the canotier hat into a symbol of an independent woman. This marked a before and an after in the fashion history of these years. As you may have appreciated in the French movie Coco Chanel, directed by Anne Fontaine in 2009,  the actress and protagonist, Audrey Tautou, wears this sort of hat  during a great part of the scenes.   It is totally understandable that this hat turned quickly turned into a fashion icon because, in fact, it is very comfortable due to the lightness of its material.  Furthermore, its versatility also stands out since it is possible to use in all seasons of the year. Nevertheless, it is especially useful during spring and summer when it can protect us from the sun without transferring any heat.

Nowadays this hat made out of straw has turned into one of the most indispensable accessories and a “must have“, that continues to set trends each year. A classic that will never be out of fashion. A perfect accessory for our basic wardrobe that we can combine with formal or informal looks, both for men and for women. And, additionally, it is super flattering and suits marvelously well!

We have seen influencers and instagramers such as Marta Lozano, Dulceida, Tuula Vintage, Miranda Makaroff or Alexa Chung, joining the fever of the canotier hat. They are showing it off on the beach, in the city, in the countryside… in a very versatile and practical way. In fact, everyone wants to have this iconic hat!   The brand of hats “SON D CUBA” could not remain behind and they have also bet for a model of the canotier hat. But yes, they provide a new touch to the design that makes it very unique and personal. They offer you the possibility of personalizing it with the band and sentence that you want such as “Summer love”, “Do not disturb”, “Caribbean“, or the one that you like most. When we talk about this hand-made and personalized brand… Does it not sound awesome?

For those who decide to go for a more classic design, don’t worry! because you can also have one without a message. Yet, the quality of this natural straw hat does not change. This unisex accessory with a unique size is elaborated with exquisite and demonstrable quality. It can be appreciated not only at first sight but also if you touch it, it is undoubtedly soft. Besides being very practical and versatile, it lasts long, and if it loses his original form over time, it is enough to apply a bit of steam to obtain the original form. Isn’t it wonderful?

Don’t you have one already? You can buy it by clicking on the following link to be to most stylish!

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If you still have doubts of how to combine it with a personal touch and with style in your daily outfits, don’t worry! Here I leave you some tips, do you dare?


Undoubtedly, SON D CUBA’s canotier hat is perfect to protect us from the sunrays while we lie down on the sand wearing our swimsuit, reading our favorite book or having an ice cream at the beach bar with our friends. Nevertheless, there are a thousand ways to combine it with our street clothes. Here you have a few:


We are waking up and the sun enters through the window. It is still very early and there is a soft breeze. Yet, there is nothing that stops us from going out and enjoying the day! A white jumpsuit with a box neckline and a denim jacket with hanging bangs will be the perfect outfit to combine with your hat. To complete the look we will use a scarlet red belt and boots of the same color and will manage to give a touch of color to our outfit.

Cuban canotier hat SON D CUBA, white jumpsuit from ASOS, denim long Jacket with bangs from ZARA, Paste earrings from Bimba y Lola, belt of chain and leather red color from Moschino.


An ideal way of combining the straw canotier hat is going with a garment with Bardot neckline with a double XXL steering wheel. Two trends from the 80s that have returned stepping loudly. The combination of the fabric denim material with orange tones will provide us a very fresh and juvenile air. This is a perfect look to go out on a Sunday evening. We can complete the look with cowboy boots, having a touch of western flow.

Cuban hat canotier SON D CUBA, Dress denim with double XXL steering from Tricchi.


The shirtwaist dresses are one of top the trends in 2019 and they suit very well with a canotier hat. We can combine them with a Fishnet purse. This type of purse is characterized by being elaborated like a net, simulating the ancient bags that our grandmothers were taking to do the grocery shopping or the nets of fishermen. This trend has come with a lot of strength this year and that is why it will be a good combination with our straw hat.

Cuban canotier hat SON D CUBA , Floral print dress of Zara.


For those days that it takes longer to wake up because we have a lot of time, and then magically, it’s gone! We need a quick look to be ready in two seconds. We are able to make it with a basic cotton t-shirt with some message or illustration combined with jeans of any color. The special touch of this outfit will be our canotier hat. In this way, we will get a perfect outfit in only 5 minutes.

Cuban canotier hat SOND CUBA, Stamped t-shirt with a velvet illustration from Bimba y Lola, Earrings of black and camel paste from Handle, Trousers marooned ochre color from Bershka


Flowy clothes always work, especially if they are combined with a balconet neckline. Try to combine a white blouse with trousers in terracotta tonalities. These type of colors that resemble a marooned ochre, sand, terracotta or clay are a trend this year. Like this,  we can easily have a boho and trendy style. This outfit is perfect to go out to walk in any city.

Cuban canotier hat SON D CUBA, flowy white t-shirt from ASOS, Trousers marooned ochre color from Bershka.

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Post by Beatriz Ortigosa Gómez.